California Women’s Film Festival


July 2015 selections and Winners

Official Selections

A Good Catch

Dir. Patrick Kanehann

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

A young woman named Shelly has her parents over to her apartment for brunch and to meet her new fiancé...who just so happens to be a Rainbow Trout. Will her parents accept a scaly son-in-law? Hilarity ensures.


Dir. Hannah Leder

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

A take on how technology can provide plenty of fodder for comic situations. Also, see above.


Dir. Ashley Eberbach

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

'Axiom' is a high fashion action/sci film set in the near future about a group of robot assassins that have been let loose by their creator. The robots are eliminating peaceful human communities one by one. Three bounty hunters have been sent to collect the robots for their own devices.


Dir. Tiffany Wu

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

While running from agents, things go from bad to worse for Rose Hunter.

Dancing For You

Dir. Sichen Ai

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

A talented young dancer Jocelyn has to leave her hometown China to move to America with her mother Marina since her parents got divorced. Jocelyn has to abandon her hatred towards her mother and rebuilds the relationship between her and her mother. Finally she understands she is wrong about the relationship between love and hatred.

Deliver Us

Dir. Laura Elisa Perez

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

A young protester unites his people in a peaceful protest to march upon their corrupt government .


Dir. Thembi Banks

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

Bernie Clemmons is a pastor's wife with a rigid moral compass. When she is forced to deal with a secret that has been the cause of an on-going internal struggle, she must make a decision on whether today is the the day she will speak her mind and take a stand.

Dusty & The Desert Rose

Dir. Shantie Midnight

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

Dustin Shelby, a misanthrope with OCD and a general disdain for humanity, is voyaging into the desert to commit the perfect suicide. However, everything goes astray when he becomes entangled with Rosie "Desert Rose" Santizi, a domineering bohemian vagabond, on her spirit quest. They are the polar forces of cynicism and idealism, as Dustin has consistently said, “No,” to life while Desert Rose embraces every reason to say “Yes.” A humanistic story of hope and change, the film proves that you can find meaning in life where you least expect to find it.


Dir. Ryan Todd

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

Amber, a troubled woman with dark secrets, encounters a mysterious girl named Eveleigh at her sister's dinner party. The profound connection Amber feels toward Eveleigh helps shed light on the destructive decisions she's made.


Dir. Paul Maggetti

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

This film is a companion piece to "Rise"; showing how music and pacing can create an entirely different film using the same footage.


Dir. Amanda Weier

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

Two sisters are caught up in the unfortunate circumstance of crossing paths with Los Angeles serial killer Richard Frank. As the news is flooded with his escape from prison Iris woods is faced with the question of how much she is willing to sacrifice to save her only sister.


Dir. Maria Bissell

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

Take a glimpse inside the many triumphs of HoboCop as he works undercover on the streets. His stealth is admired by cops and feared by criminals.


Dir. Elizabeth Cirillo

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

Former gang members Maria and Joselyn attempt to start new lives while overcoming the temptations of addiction and street life.


Dir. Luiza de Andrade

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

Hopeless was inspired by the poem OS INCONSOLÁVEIS by Vinicius de Moraes (Rio de Janeiro, 1913-1980). Traces of modernity are found in these verses, as they were created in a period in which both art and society have undergone some changes. The video portrays the modern man and his illusion of freedom.

I Love You, Eddie Deezen

Dir. Sherry Mattson

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

A fish out of water nerd love story. Mabel is unhappy with her life and needs a change. She leaves the Midwest for Hollywood to find the man of her dreams. Brad? Nope. George? Ugh. Eddie? You bet! Because nerds need love, too.

In Search Of America Inshallah

Dir. Danish Renzu

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

Shaheen Ilyas, a young traditional Pakistani woman, arrives in Los Angeles in search of her husband, Ali Ilyas. Ali left his wife and his homeland years ago right after their marriage , and came to America to earn money. Shaheen is unfortunately welcomed into this unknown world in a drastic fashion that challenges her “dependent” identity , from her luggage and passport getting stolen to being harassed by a homeless bum.

Inside/Out: My Battle With IBD

Dir. Jay Diaz

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

INSIDE/OUT: My Battle with IBD is a film that chronicles a young actress named Rebecca Zamolo's initial struggles with ulcerative colitis and the fight for normalcy that followed. After her eight year battle with Ulcerative Colitis, Zamolo’s doctors told her the only treatment option to combat her severe case of the disease would be to have her colon removed. This documentary follows Rebecca through the life-changing surgery and struggle of adjusting to life wearing an ostomy bag, while also attempting to run a half marathon just two months after surgery.

Just Another Dance With My Father

Dir. Rob J. Greenlea

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

What would you do if you or a loved one suddenly experienced a stroke? Our film short introduces us to Kate, a vibrant 37-year-old woman who is successful as a Realtor, happily in love, and is living life to the fullest. She is close to her family; particularly her father and we discover in the beginning that since she was little, she has always loved to dance with her father. We see that one day at work she experiences a stroke. This film will follow her from the emergency room, to her experience on a rehabilitation unit, to her home, and finally to her sister's wedding.


Dir. Moema Umann

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

Moth tells the story of a woman going through a moment of transformation. During her journey she encounters other people experiencing different levels of the same path.


Dir. Mia Maramara

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

‘Nina’ is the story of a girl searching for answers about the mother who abandoned her as a baby. Her search causes her to come into conflict with her dad, Tom, who raised her alone all his life and who doesn’t understand her fascination with the wom

an who left them. Nina looks in all the right places but answers aren’t easy to come by and Nina realizes that her mother seems to exist only as the distant shadow looming over her father.

Old Dreams

Dir. Stacey Black

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

Music Video for Cindy Alexander's song, "Old Dreams." I wrote the script, directed, and edited the video. The story is true. Cindy is a breast cancer survivor, and her song is about hope, the power of dreams, and their link to survival. My video is a companion piece to her excellent song.

Prometheus Rising

Dir. Diana Froese

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

In a dystopian society, not very far apart from our own, a man realizes the corruption of government by loosing everything and sets out to reclaim his freedom, and the freedom of the people around him.


Dir. Sandy Chukhadarian

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

Three victims of torture and molestation seek out bloody revenge when they plot to return to the house where it took place.


Dir. Carolina Sandoval

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

Peter's reality keeps shifting, and he must discover if he is living in a dream world, or he is subject of an experiment.

Redefined Acapella-Steal My Girl

Dir. Alexandra Jensen

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

Redefined Acapella brings the audience an out-of-this-world experience in their new music video, featuring a mashup of two popular One Direction songs. Full of aliens, light swords, alchemy, and friendship, this video tells the story of fighting for the one you love, and realizing who that really is in the first place.

Streamline Your Care

Dir. Sarah Bullion

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

Congress has found a way to make women's health care affordable, efficient and convenient for everyone... except the patient.


Dir. Leslie Pulsifer

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

A young woman struggles under the weight of emotional baggage, and returns to dance to rediscover personal freedom.

The Colonies

Dir. Julia Max

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

A colonist on Mars unwittingly becomes the target of a hidden camera reality show where viewers on Earth get to vote on her fate.

The Emily & Ariel Show

Dir. Emily Hoffman & Ariel Noltimier

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

Stop motion duo Emily Hoffman and Ariel Noltimier Strauss offer you a brief glimpse into their unique world with The Emily & Ariel Show. Juxtaposing animated video footage with puppetry and fabrication they bring you into the lives of two close twenty-something friends on an average Friday night.

The Interview

Dir. Sarah J. Eagen

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

A young scientist fights to maintain her professionalism while she clashes with a woman in the waiting room before an interview for her dream job.

The Karma Of Happiness

Dir. Foster Corder

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

Why do bad things happen to good people? Madison Wright asked the same question, wondering if this was the best her life was ever going to get. Enough questioning can allow the doors that were closed to be opened, and the answers will allow her to design the life of her dreams.

The Keeper

Dir. Angie Polkovich

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 1

A young woman struggles to take care of her terminally ill father by herself. When the father suffers a seizure, the daughter has seconds to make a choice that may change everything in the end.

The Scream

Dir. Qing Yin

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 1

A horror animated twist short film. On a stormy night, the painter Edvard Munch was frustrated and extremely angry with the fact that he has no more inspiration. However, a creepy miracle suddenly occurs...

They Make It So Easy

Dir. Monica Garcia

Thursday 7/16/2015 Block 2

They Make It So Easy: when pro-athletes are watched to a ‘T’ they are scouted for more than just their athletic ability. One mistake and it will all be taken away.

This Is California

Dir. Gongqi Yu

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

The day I realized that beauty and surprises are not at the end of the world, but right in front of my eyes. After living in California for 4 years, I want to share the beauty of California, the place I call home, with the rest of the world.


Dir. Amanda McCann

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

Dark comedy about a desperate young woman who is expecting a marriage proposal but sabotaged by her psychotic sister.

Walking In Beauty

Dir. David Quinn

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

Diversity, culture and beauty are the cornerstones of this short film that follows a young woman and her friends over the course of 24 hours after she gets dumped by her boyfriend.

We Have 10 Minutes

Dir. Ralph Odierna

Wednesday 7/15/2015 Block 2

20 years of silence and 20 years of pain and shame. At the exact location and time, 20 years later, two people meet again in the park. Marcia demanding the truth and Cal holding tight to the lie.

Audience Award Winners

(Audience Winners will be posted by July 19th)

1st Place

HomeGirls Dir. Elizabeth Cirillo

2nd Place 

The Colonies Dir. Julia Max

3rd Place

They Make It So Easy Dir. Monica Garcia

Jury Category Winners

(Category Winners will be presented at the end of the film’s screening block)

Best Feature Film

Psychos Dir. Sandy Chukhadarian

(Presented at the end of Block 3 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Short Film

Axiom Dir. Ashley Eberbach

(Presented at the end of Block 1 on Wednesday 7/15/2015)

Best Feature Documentary

Inside/Out: My Battle With IBD Dir. Jay Diaz

(Presented at the end of Block 2 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Short Documentary

HomeGirls Dir. Elizabeth Cirillo

(Presented at the end of Block 1 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Student Film

Dusty & The Desert Rose Dir. Shantie Midnight

(Presented at the end of Block 1 on Wednesday 7/15/2015)

Best Foreign Film

Nina Dir. Mia Maramara

(Presented at the end of Block 1 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Animation

Suitcases Dir. Leslie Pulsifer

(Presented at the end of Block 2 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Music Video

Redefined Acapella-Steal My Girl Dir. Alexandra Jensen

(Presented at the end of Block 3 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Experimental Film

Moth Dir. Moema Umann

(Presented at the end of Block 2 on Thursday 7/16/2015)

Best Feature Script

I Met Her At Birkenau by Laurie Clemens

(Presented at the end of Block 2 on Wednesday 7/15/2015)

Best Short Script

Magdalena by Candice Holdorf

(Presented at the end of Block 2 on Wednesday 7/15/2015)


Feature Script Finalist

Dead Bloodline by Gregory Wolk

Final Journey by Michael Lee Barlin

Long Way Home by Emily Koopman

Russian Warfare by Erica Tamposi

The Held by Samantha Bowling

Short Script Finalist

Addict by Sara Schatzl

Dream by Scott Seagren

Good Catholic Girl by Christina Paschyn

The Hate List by Cameron Protzman

Vigilante Theorem by Meghan Fitzmartin

Jury Creative Nominees

(Creative Winners will be announced and presented at the opening night meet and greet party on Wednesday, July 15th at 10:25pm)

Best Director

Psychos Dir. Sandy Chukhadarian

Dancing For You Dir. Sichen Ai

Dusty & The Desert Rose Dir. Shantie Midnight

Axiom Dir. Ashley Eberbach

In Search Of America Inshallah Dir. Danish Renzu

Best Actress

Julia Max  -  The Colonies

Liang Zhao - Dancing For You

Roopashree Jeevaji  - In Search Of America Inshallah

Jerrika Hinton - Just Another Dance With My Father

Jessica Andres  -  Dusty & The Desert Rose

Best Supporting Actress

Sydney Sweeney  -  Held

Stefanie Ogden - R.E.M.

Kelly Clare  -  Prometheus Rising

Lee Chen  -  Dancing For You

Jessica Morris  -  In Search Of America Inshallah

Best Actor

Bryant Boon  -  We Have 10 Minutes

Jared Day - Dusty & The Desert Rose

Zach Cregger  -  Auto-Cowrecked

Paul Lange  -  R.E.M.

Daniel Donskoy  -  Prometheus Rising

Jury Creative Winners

(Creative Winners will be announced and presented at the opening night meet and greet party on Wednesday, July 15th at 10:25pm)

Best Director

Axiom Dir. Ashley Eberbach

Best Actress

Roopashree Jeevaji  - 

In Search Of America Inshallah

Best Supporting Actress

Lee Chen  -  Dancing For You

Best Actor

Jared Day - Dusty & The Desert Rose